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Welcome back

Welcome to the new owenguns.com website!

Its been a long time coming, and there’s still a long way to go, and a lot more stock to be put up! We hope that your future online and instore shopping experiences with us are enjoyable – enjoy looking around.

In keeping with our traditional Bulletin (the nearly 200th Edition), we have a few thoughts to share.

“Potentially, a Government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights; for it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”
  Ayn Rand

Owen Guns and Ron Owen are both now in their Fiftieth year in the firearm business. We have been informed by many of our customers that Owen Guns is the best-kept secret in the Australian Firearm Industry. The best service with the lowest prices. We save money by not making large amounts of advertisements, so we can pass on the best prices for our customers. If you wish to shop, please, visit the website or give us a call. Phone 07 54 825070, or 07 54 824099. 0427 943 677, Or call in.

New Owen Guns website. www.owenguns.com

We sell TIKKA, Walther, Beeman, SAKO , Armed, STEYR MANNLICHER, Mossberg, Gamo, Stoeger, Thompson-Centre, S & W, Colt, Sabatti, Webley & Scott, Cometa, Rossi,  Browning, SAUR, Remington, HOWA, Marlin, Zastava, Winchester, CZ, Beretta, Perazzi, and many others. Everything Advertised is in Stock at the time of publication, and we are now updating our stock levels daily. However, we can only hold prices while the stock lasts.

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New Facebook site for the OWEN GUNS TRUST MUSEUM.

As some of you will already know, our original Owen Guns Facebook page has disappeared, despite keeping in line with Facebooks’ community standards for 13 years, our page has recently been terminated. “For the heinous crime of selling firearms to licenced shooters” or so we think since no one from Facebook has replied to consistent polite dialog for an explanation. We appealed, and we appealed, pointing out that their own Community Standards precisely allude to specifically state that Bricks and Mortar, (licensed Gun Shops) can advertise their products on Facebook. The silent dictator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg should you wish to contact him is on his Official Site, zuck@fb.com (Facebook/Meta) or zuckerberg@fb.com (Facebook/Meta).
Mark Zuckerberg has absolute control of several platforms that has 2.5 billion active users in total. Not that he does, but he CAN use these platforms to push any kind of propaganda he wants, using algorithms to 1/3 of the planet. It is known that government and social media platforms have colluded to censor information and promote propaganda to suit an agenda that doesn’t have the people's best interests at heart (https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/media/reps/dr-paul-highlights-government-collusion-with-social-media-platforms-to-censor-americans/)
We still have the Owen Guns Museum Facebook site and now have a site on Twitter/X

Currently, we are gathering large prizes for the Queensland Big Boar Championships, which we will be hosting on the Queensland Big Boar Championships Facebook. Wild Pigs have been on the increase since Covid19 and many local farmers are complaining that they are inundated with them. Let us hope that they come on board with this competition and allow law-abiding hunters to access their properties.

Many of you will remember that I have been warning (like a stuck record on repeat) that China would one day make us tremble. I have forgotten how many times I have repeated Napoleon Bonaparte's quote, “Let China Sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world”. During the last 5 years, mainstream media has woke to the idea that  China wants to ‘regain’ Taiwan.  Most historians would argue that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) (Communist China) has never held power in Taiwan, so they simply cannot “regain” anything… Unfortunately, our gutless government, answering to the beck and call of Xi simply won't acknowledge fact and sides with the communists.


1885 Taiwan is declared a province of the Qing Empire.
1895 Following defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), the Qing government signs the Treaty of Shimonoseki, by which it cedes sovereignty over Taiwan to Japan, which rules the island until 1945.

Chinese revolutionaries overthrow the Qing Empire and establish the Republic Of  China.

During World War II, ROC leader Chiang Kai-shek meets with U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Cairo. After the conclusion of the conference, the Cairo Declaration is released, stating that “…Formosa [Taiwan], and the Pescadores [the Penghu Islands], shall be restored to the Republic of China…”

After World War II, ROC government representatives accept the surrender of Japanese forces in Taiwan. The Chief Executive of Taiwan Province Chen Yi sends a memorandum to the Japanese governor-general of Taiwan, stating that “As the Chief Executive of Taiwan Province of the ROC, …I restore all legal territory, people, administration, political, economic, and cultural facilities and assets of Taiwan [including the Penghu Islands].”
so on the defeat of the Japanese in 1945, Taiwan began to be governed by the Republic of China and still is and not the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It is plain that all the inhabitants do not want to be Communists and live under the (PRC). Journalists have massaged our bellies with rubbish, in fact downright lies, and said things like the PRC has only ever been centralist and looked inward and has never been expansionist. Well even at first glimpse, one can see that they are turning a blind eye to the Chinese (PRC) invasion of Tibet, surely the journalist experts have heard of that, then they might remember the Chinese invasion of
the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China, in 1949. They have been invading India since the 1960s and invaded Manchuria occupying it since 1949. Then they have taken over and subdued Hong Kong, besides building Islands and occupying them illegally in the South China Sea.
We have been comforted, more ‘Belly massages’ by journalistic experts that say ‘China needs massive imports of Iron, Coal, Oil, Gas, so will never provoke a war with the west, as that would inhibit the supply of resources that China would need for its war-making industries. Having seen how short iron was in China during the 1960s when China was too poor to import iron ore, and the western world wouldn’t have shipped it to them anyway, mansions and temples built in the 1930s, I saw that the hinges had been stripped from all the doors. Window catches removed, fireplaces ripped out to melt into steel for rifles. I knew the shortage of steel was a huge concern for China.

Then at the turn of the 21st Century China announced its Belt and Roads policy, where it wanted to spend billions on road, and bridge links to the Middle East and Africa, then the thinking people in the world realised that China would have access to huge amounts of natural resources through a land bridge instead of the ports feeding from the South China Sea. Now China, the new Super Power became more confident in threatening Taiwan and any other nation that stood in its way. For many years, I have sounded the warnings like “The records stuck”

Yesterday the 15th Feb 2024,    “China's UN Ambassador, Zhang Jun, supported Russian President Vladimir Putin's calls for an end to Western arms shipments to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to expedite the conclusion of the conflict, as reported by Newsweek.
"Countries [of the West] must immediately stop fueling the fire (by supplying arms - editor's note) and cease undermining the international community's diplomatic efforts," the publication quotes Zhang Jun. He emphasized “that regional security cannot be guaranteed by strengthening and expanding military groupings”. According to him, NATO should cease sanctions against Russia and seek dialogue.

Since Russia and dictator for life Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, China has given at face small encouragement to Putin and behind the scenes given large face encouragement to Russia and is now issuing its own threats to the International Banking system, ‘Not to take Russia’s money and give it to Ukraine’, maybe China correctly see’s that International Banking system is really stateless and operates its own game and wants to ensure that it does not lose its bank deposits when it moves on Taiwan, or does it just want to give Russia comfort and encouragement to keep warring in the West.

While the Cats away the Mice Will Play.
All of the Chinese leaders would be experts on the writings of Sun Tzu ‘s ‘Thirteen Chapters’ of the “Art of War”.  Like the Japanese in 1940, the Chinese are experts in deception and are guaranteed to always do the unexpected. When the war in the west is at its zenith, and Russia is at its weakest ebb. As the Japanese went south to steal the natural resources it needed to keep its factories and ships running in 1941. China will go north and cut off all of Eastern Siberia from Lake Baikal to the Bering Strait. China knows that no one will complain, no other country will go to support Russia. China’s excuse will be that all this land used to be China under the Qing Dynasty and it was only bullied out from them in 1853. China has already claimed this land from Russia and will have no qualms claiming Alaska as they will say that Russia had no right to sell it to the Americans. Russia will not be expecting this stab in the back, they have no chance of fighting Nato in the West and China in the East.
China will then be the largest country in the world and have an endless supply of fuel, iron ore, and coal at its fingertips. It has the people and the technology to exploit it, then when they have no need to ship through the South China Sea, they will invade Taiwan. The western countries will be busy fighting the Russians, Australia has no striking ability and only an excuse of a defence force. So the world will have a new Super Power, with endless natural resources and the technology of Taiwan. Would Japan be next, or India? More likely it will Island hop the Pacific first to provide buffer states against any threat from the declining USA. The huge unsinkable aircraft carrier on China’s Southern flank will have to either submit or be conquered as China would be vulnerable if the USA really used it as a base. However, after being weakened by immigration and wars with Russia unless the USA finds a leader with strategic, and tactical ambition that will never happen.

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