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Marksman Air Rifle Pellets .22

Marksman Air Rifle Pellets .22

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Introducing the Marksman .22 Round Head Air Rifle Pellets - 500pk, a product that boasts a legacy of precision and perfection, hailing from Birmingham since 1932. These .22 Round Head pellets are a testament to time, meeting the needs of both budding and seasoned air gun enthusiasts.

What sets these pellets apart is their round head design, offering superior aerodynamics that reduce drag and enhance stability during flight. This results in improved accuracy, making them an ideal choice for target shooting or plinking.

Every Marksman Air Rifle Pellet is crafted meticulously to maintain uniform weight, size, and shape. This attention to detail ensures exceptional accuracy, instilling confidence in every shot.

Whether you're a leisure shooter or a target enthusiast, Marksman Air Rifle Pellets offer an affordable ammunition solution without compromising on quality.

Key features include a .22cal calibre, a round head design optimal for target shooting and plinking, and a generous box size of 500 rounds.

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