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Norica Omnia 177

Norica Omnia 177

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Norica launches the Norica Omnia ZRS, a revolutionary in the field of break barrel air rifles. This air rifle features the patented ZRS system, a new technology which consists of the elimination of recoil at the moment of the shot, providing the shooter with maximum accuracy.

ZRS System

ZRS system: Maximum power without recoil:

  • Shooting smoothness like a PCP.
  • Maximum accuracy by eliminating recoil to the shooter.
  • Total protection for the scope and other parts.

Ease of maintenance and maximum reliability:

  • Simple disassembly and assembly without special tools.
  • Maintenance-free mechanism.

Easy to use:

  • Identical use as any break barrel air rifle.
  • No need for a high pressure pump or pressurized air cylinders.
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