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Gamo .22 Pellets

Gamo .22 Pellets

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Hollow Point 10x Multishot

  • Expansive, destructive and extremely precise. Exclusively designed to fit your 10x GEN1 & GEN2 Gamo Rifle
  • Tin of 250 pellets
  • 15.43gr

Expander Expansion

  • Designed to give maximum impact and expansion thanks to its specially designed hollow-point configuration, which creates mushroom effect.
  • Tin of 250 pellets
  • 15.42gr

Pro Magnum 

  • Same pellets, but in a bigger tin. Available in 4.5 (750 pellets) and 5.5 caliber (400 pellets).
  • Tin of 250 pellets
  • 15.42gr

TS-22 Long Distance

  • Due to the weight and dome configuration, Gamo’s TS-22 performs with great impact at long distances.
  • Tin of 200
  • 21.75gr

G-Hammer Power

  • High precision pellet with a pointed head and a straight, smooth shaft.
  • With a better penetration and impact.
  • Excellent ballistic coefficient and improved accuracy.
  • Tin of 200
  • 21.75gr

Rocket Destroyer Performance

  • Airgun ammunition combines our performance lead with a hardened steel tip to yield enhanced penetration and shock with precision accuracy.
  • The Rocket enhances down-range performance without any sacrifice of accuracy and consistency.
  • Quantity 100.
  • 14.50gr

Pro Match Competition

  • Gamo’s Pro Match air gun pellets have been designed for competition target shooting.
  • Tin of 250
  • 15.43gr


  • Gamo’s new PBA Platinum uses enhanced non-lead alloy to generate velocities up to 30% faster than most lead pellets.
  • PBA Platinum offers enhanced accuracy and maximum penetration for hunting.
  • Calibre: 5.5mm (.22)
  • Pellet Weight: 0.63g (9.72gr)
  • Quantity: 75 Pellets
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